White wines

The cuvée “Hautes Pierres” is aged in oak barrels (changed every four years) for one year, whereas the cuvée “Terre d’Ocres” is aged in stainless steel tanks for 12 months. Half the juice used to make the Cuvée Hautes Pierres is fermented and aged  in large 400 litre barrels. After alcoholic fermentation, the wines are regularly and carefully stirred, over a period of several weeks, until the fine lees disappear. The wines are then aged for one year.

To create the best possible conditions for ageing, the cellar is air-conditioned and maintains a temperature of 14-15° during the vinification and 16-17° throughout the rest of the year.

Red wines

Before the cuvée “Hautes Pierres” is matured in French oak barrels for one year, the malolactic fermentation occurs. Malolactic fermentation is commonly referred to as “MLF” and occurs shortly after the end of the primary fermentation. MLF results in a natural de-acidification and softening of the wine’s palate.

The cuvée “Terre d’Ocres” is matured in stainless steel tanks for one year. The red Cuvée Hautes Pierres is aged in Bordeaux-style casks of 225 litre capacity (changed every two years) for one year.